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Emilio Alejandro Lovera Ruiz, also known as “The man of the thousand faces“, got his first spanking (not in a sexual manner) on August 31, just like Richard Gere (obviously Emilio is way better looking), but in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.  

At a very early age, Emilio realized he had a gift for making people laugh with his jokes and impersonations, but he couldn’t figure out if it would be possible for someone to make a living doing so. Years passed and he realized it was possible, and that’s how, in 1981, he became part of a show called Radio Rochela ( a Saturday Night Live kind of format television show) which ran for over two decades all over South America. Allowing Lovera to embark on a long and very successful as one of the most important and iconic comedians in Latin America. 

He also took part in many TV series such as : Pension OEA, Federico’s Show, Titan’s DuelGaviman, Pure Gold (soup opera), The thousand faces of Emilio Lovera, Hidden Camera, Humor at first sight, Emilio.combo and Mission Emilio. He also took part in the International Humor Festival of Latin America and won second place in the 2004 Pan-American Humor Championship in Argentina and most recently participated at Comedy Central’s new show call: Stand Up Without Borders.

He is a playwright and has participated in many onstage productions, such as:. Emilio Lovera’s Show, Laureamor and EmidilioVicente Nario’s Trial, Me an Immigrant?, Another Story on Christmas, Foolish Emilio,  among others. Lovera also works as a voiceover actor to multiple commercial brands (Toyota, Nabisco, Coca-Cola, Burger King…). Additionally, he has created the voices to the animated series Nothing to do (Nada que ver) doing over 14 different voices, and the amazing Presidential Island (Isla Presidencial), doing all the presidential voices. He’s also been the spoke person of many campaigns such as: Pepsi and Bayer.

Because of his great talent and charitable work he has been awarded in many occasions the following awards: International Show (1987)Tamanaco de Oro (1989, 1990, 1991, 2013) Golden Cacique (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995), Character of the year (1993)Golden Meridian (1995)Casa del Artista (1991, 1992, 1993, 1997,1998, 1999), Bank United Center, in Miami, Florida for Four SOLD OUT SHOWS in One Year in 2014 and many other prizes and public recognitions. 

Most recently, Emilio finished a nine city USA tour throughout the following cities: ORLANDO, ATLANTA, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, SALT LAKE CITY, LOS ANGELES, HOUSTON, TAMPA AND MIAMI. He is the first Latin American Comedian to do that in the United States with utter success.

Claudio Nazoa, venezuelan humorist, affirms the fallowing: 

“Emilio, with his sharp, witty and intelligent humor, helps the Venezuelan people to cope with all the hard times they are going thru which are otherwise difficult and complicated to understand. In other words, Emilio Lovera with his talent, , crazy and outlandish intelligence , is capable of accomplishing that Venezuelan society, sadly deranged due to it’s schizophrenic government, could help alleviate or at least, cushion much of its anguish and pain”. 

Nowadays, Emilio still hopes to achieve is long life dream of being John Francis Smith, park ranger from “The Yogi Bear Show” 

We’ll keep you updated on that one!

PS: If you Google “Emilio Lovera”, you’ll see what we mean.